Friday, January 2, 2009


Get ready for an awesome multi-player party game along the lines of Password, Taboo, or Catch Phrase. MakeMeSay will challenge your wits while pitting you against your friends. No longer will you have to play alone on your iPhone or iPod Touch, this party game will bring everyone one together.

Great game while at a party, for couples nights, and as you can see from the reviews, even while at work!!

Divide yourself and your friends up into teams, select how long you want to play, and off you go. MakeMeSay will give you a number of words that you will need to get your team to say. Make sure not to say the word yourself (or a word that rhymes), or else you loss the point for that word. Also, watch the clock, time is running out. Once your team is done their turn pass the iPod off to the other team.

MakeMeSay currently has over 2000 word and more are on the way.

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